Things I'm Thankful For (Nerd Edition)

Posted By Ryan Stout on November 26, 2010

I've seen lots of "Things I'm Thankful For" this year. So I figured I would give it a shot from a Web Developer perspective.


Ruby - A great language that lets me get things done. Ruby lets me write simple, easy to maintain code, that lets me get things done.

JavaScript - People have strong feelings towards JavaScript, and while I won't try to argue that its the best language ever made, I'm especially thankful that its the one that made it into the browser. Sometimes I think how different the web would be if Java or Visual Basic for example were the language of the browser. JavaScript's real benefit comes from its flexibility. By creating the right library, you can for the most part bend the language to your will. And now with Coffeescript, I can avoid the remaining syntax limitations.


Rails - Rails does the heavy lifting of web development for me. The standardized structure and plugin system means I'm rarely reinventing the wheel.


Inherited Resources - Not so much removing the stub code, but more for making nested resources really simple to setup.


Color Schemer Studio - I use Color Schemer Studio to find colors for almost every site I make.

Web Service

Gmail - Its hard to remember what life was like before Gmail. Seeing the occasional spam in my spam folder brings me back to the days when all of those were in the inbox. I still think the interface is one of the best out there.


Rails 3 Generators - I just love that if I install rspec, factory girl, and inherited resources that my generated scaffold comes out with specs, factories, and inherited controllers.


Textmate - Still my favorite. I can get around VIM, and read up on eMacs, but I just have to have a good looking, light weight editor. I also can't justify the slow weight of a heavy IDE written in Java. Textmate may lack a few features, but it is still the best in my mind.

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